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Based in Amsterdam, British interior designer Kate Hume is renowned for creating thoughtful, luxurious interiors worldwide. Her projects celebrate Kate’s signature flair for scale, texture and colour.

Renowned interior architect in Amsterdam

Kate Hume is a British interior architect based in Amsterdam. Known for her keen sense of colour and texture, she and her small team have graced many houses and spaces with her signature style.

As an interior designer, Kate will help you (re)design the interior or layout of your home or apartment. After rounding up the project you will come home to a stylish home that is comfortable to live in.


Interior design by Amsterdam based architect Kate Hume

  • An exclusive home interior design by a renowned architect
  • British interior designer based in Amsterdam
  • A 100% customised design
  • Known for her thoughtful and luxurious interiors
  • Kate has worked on projects all around the world

Call us via +31 (0)20 625 3522 for more information on home interior design projects. Also check out the articles on Kate that have appeared in the press.

Interior designer with a signature style

An interior architect will provide your house in Amsterdam with a new and exclusive design or layout. A Kate Hume design is 100% customised and goes into great detail.

With regards to colour Kate takes special notice of the colours already present. With her keen sense of colour and texture she will provide your interior with a sophisticated elegance. Art can also be incorporated into the design.

An instinctive approach to design

Amsterdam based interior architect Kate Hume has a degree from the renowned Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. With her background in fashion design, she uses an instinctive approach to home interior design.

A well-known architect in the interior design world, Kate describes herself creatively as a hunter-gatherer. Scouring flea markets, auctions and antique stores, she is endlessly curious and puts in great effort to provide an exclusive design.

The difference between an interior architect and stylist

Anyone can call him- or herself an interior stylist, unlike an interior architect. The latter is a protected title that requires the person to be registered in a register. Registration requires a degree.

Furthermore, unlike an interior stylist, an architect can be involved in the design process from the beginning. This means you can count in Kate and her team from the beginning of your project.

“The renowned Amsterdam based interior architect Kate Hume provides exclusive designs for houses in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.”

Get in touch

For more information on getting the interior of your home designed by architect Kate Hume, you can contact our office in Amsterdam via +31 (0)20 625 3522. Alternatively, you can send us an e-mail.

Check out Kate’s recent projects that our showcased in the website, or read up on her in the articles on our Press page.

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