A limited selection of art works that inspire us. Please contact for details. As a creator myself, I have a fascination with craft and creative processes of any kind. I am also an obsessive collector, both in my professional career, sourcing work that will bring my clients joy, and which will elevate my projects, but also for my own personal environments.

Joop Hollander

Sculptor Joop Hollanders (1944) is a graduate of the Rijks Akademie in Amsterdam. His large scale bronzes have a fluidity reminiscent of a dancers movements, whilst his smaller sculptures are tactile and talismanic. Hollanders works most commonly in bronze and alabaster.

Arty Grimm

There is a physical passion in Arty Grimm’s large scale paintings which exude colour, energy and joy. Arty (1950) lives and works in Amsterdam.

Miguel Ybañes

Born in Madrid in 1946, Ybañez is, profoundly, a story teller. Although based in the Netherlands for many years, his work - in all media and in any scale - has a narrative that is deeply Spanish.