Portrait Kate Hume

Kate Hume has been at the forefront of international interior design for more than 20 years. Known for combining a rare sense of colour, with eclectic finds and custom-made pieces, she never forgets that her high-net-worth clients want their private residences to be serene, elegant, comfortable homes.

Based in Amsterdam, her multilingual practice has crafted sky-high city residences, family beach houses, country manors and the boutique hotel, Tortüe, in Hamburg.

Each project is unique yet all are created and curated with Hume’s hands-on approachability. Hume brings the flair honed through her past career as a stylist in fashion and film as well as an innate respect for the timeless craftsmanship of artisans; for she is herself a renowned glass designer.

Kate Hume’s work has been widely featured in international publications.

“I love the narrative that arises as projects develop.
The environment - the sounds, colours and contrast of each location and the conversations we have - are my inspiration”

Élan, the Interiors of Kate Hume (Rizzoli) will be published in 2020.

Elan the Kate Hume book will be published in 2020

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